Friday, 15 March 2013

Ways to Market Your Business Using Squidoo

Many online marketers have begun employing to social media marketing into their site promotion because of its very obvious potential reach. Social media websites are now becoming popular just like everyone in the world is a member of these sites. These sites also allow you to make an instant connection with the people and easily get you message across.

Have you ever heard of a social media site – Squidoo? Did you know how it can probably market your business in an easy ways and guess what it's free? This article will give you hints on how to promote your business using the social media application – Squidoo!

Squidoo was founded by Seth Godin, who is also a marketer himself and entrepreneur. He made it clear that businesses arranged in Squidoo are very much welcome as long as they will conduct themselves in a business-like manner.

Squidoo is the popular free to use social networking website that permits users to create a free pages on any topic of interest. It is an important way to market your website and products or services. It is tested as one of the effective social networking sites that can be used successfully to promote your website and reach out to millions of users on the internet.

Why online marketers use Squidoo as their way to market their business? Here are the reasons behind. Once you have Squidoo page it will have fast Google indexing. Your lens with its targeted keywords can be indexed as quickly as 2-3 days. See how fast it is! You will also have high Google ranking by using Squidoo. Search engines usually treat high quality content Squidoo lenses well in the search engine rankings. And the best part about using Squidoo is that it's free and you can create unlimited lenses.

Listed below are some ways in which Squidoo application can help you promote your website or blog on the internet. By using this, you can probably increase your chances to be the top on search engines ranking.

When you create a Squidoo lens you can benefit from access to a wide audience base. Don't worry because it's very easy to create Squidoo lenses and I promise you that it does not require technical or web design skills. A page can be created on Squidoo in just a few simple steps. You can also build quality content on your page with ease. Squidoo offers various tools such as RSS feed importer, Youtube tool, Amazon, eBay to earn commission.

Once you have a Squidoo lens you have a lot of freedom to put anything but as long as in comes to your interest. You can place a full page overview of what you and your business as to offer and you can also add photos and videos via click-to-add modules. Make sure that you place your email/phone number/postal contact and have an online presence. You also need to spend some time to optimize the page you have created in order to maximize its benefits.

This is a good choice to help increase the SEO attractiveness of the lens, as well as generating extra income for your business.

Take time to learn the Squidoo user interface and you will see how simple and easy it is to get your business grow and running with its own lens. You will be able to link to other lenses, increase the traffic you get to your business lens and thereby exposing your business to even more potential customers.

When your Squidoo page starts to receive some traffic and is found by other users either from Squidoo itself or from search engines; you will be able to forward this traffic to your web pages or blogs. How amazing Squidoo works!

If you've been thinking about establishing your business on Squidoo, then you should go for it now! If you've been neglecting these opportunities, then you are giving these chances to your competitors to steal your traffic with a lens of their own.

Now, build your lens and build your business at the same time.

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